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Sex in the School

Tue May 20, 2014 9:39 am
Sex in the school

How’s sex in your school? This website will stoop low to get your attention, but we’re not going to mention the Swansea school sex tape – an episode more reminiscent of Carry On Teaching than we’ve come across for a very long time.

We are more interested today in the attitudes to gender that prevail in your school. Have you checked those out lately?

For example:
How do boys and girls, young men and women, and members of staff address each other?
Is there casual sexism in the classrooms and corridors – and the staffroom?
Do members of staff treat all young... Read More

Kumbayah and Cake

Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:01 pm

What was the context of Secretary of State Michael Gove’s reference to school governance as not having anything much to do with “Kumbayah, hugging, sherry and cake”? As reported, this was a strikingly pointless slur on 350,000 volunteer governors, who collectively, it is reported, contribute some £1 billion of financial benefit to the schools budget.
It does seem as if the two Michaels, Gove and Wilshaw, are going out of their way to insult and attack the morale of everyone involved in providing state education (a business worth some £46 billion of the cou... Read More
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